Plumbing Services

Property and Locks has experience in a variety plumbing installations and repairs. 

Competitive hourly rates plus parts.

Please call for a quotation.

We do not work on Gas, though please contact us for all your plumbing enquiries and if gas work is needed we will use a local gasesafe engineer to ensure your work is carried out to excellent standards.

Warrington Plumbing

Taps and Showers

  • Fitting of taps and showers (mixer or electric)
  • Repairs of existing taps and showers (e.g. dripping, difficulty operating)
  • Outside taps fitted or replaced
Warrington Plumbing


  • Toilet repairs e.g. leaks, cisterns not filling, flush not completing, loose or ill fitting seats are all easily resolved with minimal disruption
Warrington Plumbing

General Plumbing

  • Re-sealing of baths, sinks, showers or basins
  • Internal or external (above ground) waste pipe repairs
  • Kitchen appliances installed
  • Gutters repaired, cleared or replaced if required

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